The Place Where the Two Seas Meet

Saturday, 17 March 2012

"Every moment *the Divine comes into existence, and every moment this mystery is hidden the very instant it is revealed.  It is quicker than a heartbeat and is so easily overlooked.  You can only see it if you are at the place where the two seas meet, where the Divine and human come together.  If you look just towards the Divine the light is too bright to see it.  And if you are caught in the dramas of being human you will be too slow to notice it.
"But every moment this secret is present.  It is a moment of divine intention, a spark of divine purpose, that is at the same time our intention and purpose.  It is said that we each have a unique, divine purpose, a note of the soul that we alone can play.  And this unique note can only be played in this world, in time and space, in the limited world of forms.  In the inner worlds that stretch beyond the horizon there is other music, beautiful celestial sounds.  But here, in this world, we each have a calling and a purpose, and it seems much of life's journey is to try to live this purpose, play this note.  It is the greatest contribution we can make."

*The Divine = I don't see this as pertaining to any particular religion.  I think every religion refers to it, tries to categorise it, fails dismally.  I like to think of the Divine as "God" and hope that it is a being separate from myself that I can talk to ;)  What I am referring to here is what some call God, others call the Source, others refer to as some sort of higher human element that we tap into.  Our higher selves, if you were.  But defining what that is?  It's not definable.  An awesome (and frustrating) characteristic of the Divine is its mystery.  

Whatever it is, I think it is something common to the experience of every single person on the planet, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs.  I think The Divine is intrinsic to us humans and our experience here in the world.

Abstractika by Ofill Echevarria from the fields of the Creative Commons 


  1. I like the way LVL puts things, Sue, and I love the pic - totally indefinable:) Ultimately this is all beyond words, of course, but that doesn't stop us pointing to 'it', even though we can't actually touch 'it'. And why not talk to your Self? It loves to hear from Its Self, as 'you';)

  2. Absolutely!  "O Lord, you have made us for yourself and our hearts are restless until they rest in you..." How can the Divine not be intrinsic to us all, considering our source? Not to know that is probably the deepest kind of alienation we can have...

  3. Hello dear Mike,

    I think it is probably the deepest kind of alienation, definitely.  I do hope that humanity can find its way back to that in a cultural sense more and more - not as a religion but as an opening to.

  4. It is a most enjoyable type of fun pointing to "it" isn't it, Harry.  I never tire of trying though I can never ever get there :)

  5. 'It' loves to play the game, as 'you', of Not Being Always Already Here, of playing hide and seek with Its Self, then laughing hysterically when it 'finds' Its Self. Just a Cosmic Kid, really;)


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