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Sunday 11 August 2013

Pic mine (CC attribution/share-alike)
The body remembers things the mind has forgotten.

Way more than a machine of functional organs, a bunch of components, the body is a dynamic whole which moves energy (and blocks it too) throughout itself in a language that is like water, and a language which can be learned.

The body delivers up waking dreams, images that come to the mind which are creative expressions of what it feels.  Carl Jung knew this, and then he and others taught me.  The body is a walking dream.

The body misses the earth like a baby its mother.

We are made of stars.

Happy  Sunday y'alls <3


  1. I love this post! It gives me much to ponder and reflect – I like that. Thank you Sue :)

    “The body remembers things the mind has forgotten.”
    So true.
    Some call it “muscle memory”.
    A simplistic assessment of a complex being.

    I really like that you say the body moves energy, “in a language that is like water”.

    Water. Such an essential physical and metaphysical element.
    Water symbolises emotions and psychic energy.
    We are roughly 70% water, and our emotions dance and are carried throughout our bodies like our very lifeblood.
    Water holds deep messages within.
    It ebbs and flows – like the tides of the moon.

    And, as you say, the energies can flow or be blocked.
    Dammed up within us.
    Too long, and the dam inevitably bursts under pressure.

    Studies have shown that water can be altered by frequency – no wonder our emotions can be affected by either the good or bad frequencies experienced every hour, every day of our lives.

    LOVE your artwork, Sue. There is so much in its striking simplicity.
    And can represent different things to different people.

    I see…

    A lovely Lotus. Heavy in symbolism.
    I’ve heard the Lotus Flower represents the womb – giving rise to divine birth, spiritual development and creation itself.
    And… the embryo of the world.

    A cell. Each cell in our body has its own chakras.

    Sitting snugly in Gaia's belly.

    This fertilised egg ripening with life. Surrounded by a beautiful, pulsing rainbow Aura.

    It can be the spark of life.
    Or an idea.
    Germinating, growing within. Its own unique energies giving life to inspiration.

    A seed.
    It rests beneath Mother Earth’s warm blanket, nestled amongst the roots of the trees.
    Full of life and potential.
    Waiting to be born.

    I like that my school teachers wrote in my reports, that I have my, “head in the clouds”.

    From there, I can see the stars :)

    1. Awww, yes, I agree! Head in the clouds is a good place to be! :)

      I've been thinking so much lately about our propensity to break things down into tiny parts. It's like we have a higher value of the parts, and completely underestimate the whole. We don't believe that the whole is greater than the parts, but to me that seems to be the reality of things. We don't think the world is "alive" in any sense, that it has a "soul" - although I don't know if I much like the whole idea of a world soul. I think religion has done so much damage that that word is now tainted. But I do think there is some extra element to a whole thing, whether it's a body or an earth, that our culture lost sight of and is only now starting to regain a vision of again. I hope it's not too late.

      Thanks so much for your gorgeous comments. I guess this post and my picture are timely, at the start of Spring, with all of that stuff bursting forth. I feel like the earth is in that transitioning phase where it's going to give birth to something new. An uncomfortable space to be in and hard to hold the tension sometimes, eh :)


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