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Tuesday 22 October 2013

Ian Muttoo (Creative Commons attribution/share-alike)
If money is the thing we use so that we can exchange things - our energies and our talents and things we've made and stuff - amongst each other, why are there groups of people controlling it then?

If money is something we invented as a means of exchange, why is there so little of it to go around?

If the world was a body, the greedy ones controlling the finances of the world would be something akin to a big wad of chronic fatigue syndrome, stopping us from freely moving about doing our thang.

If the world is to stop being a mentally ill body, it will remove control from those greedy people and change the way it distributes its energy.

Money in itself has become way too much of a focus, making us smaller.

The world can be a very different place to what it currently is.

Much more lively, with its people suddenly much more interesting and fascinating, much richer.  Sane.


  1. "Money in itself has become way too much of a focus, making us smaller."
    I agree Sue.

    Money. The having of it - especially those with excess, who covet it - and the striving to accrue it, makes (us) so very focussed on it, that so much is missed along the way.

    I often think of how once, people were "content" with what they had.
    Living within their means. Yet always seemed to have plenty.
    Not everyone of course. But, it seems these days, so many more are short-sighted than ever before.

    It doesn't help that the cost of living (broadly termed) is so expensive. Everything is.
    So much is not worth the over priced tag. Market values are crazy.
    The market merry-go-round never stops. When will it end?

    Once, one could save for their first car, or the deposit on an affordable house when they left school and got a job. When education was affordable and, it seems, jobs were plentiful.
    There were more humans, less robots to do their jobs.

    Now, banks are, "giving money away" in attractive packages. In reality, are we selling our souls to the devils who will take their pound in the future?

    We are brainwashed and bombarded to ever upgrade and never have to do without. One of my biggest pet hates, I have many :), is the real estate (or any sales) tag line - "be the envy of your friends and family".
    Really? Must we aspire to that? Smugness and envy?

    Money. I believe it is controlled, metered out and manipulated by the unseen higher echelons.
    How much we choose to be pawns in their game I guess is up to us. But, we can't escape them completely. I don't think so anyway.

    I've been told by some that, "money energy is spiritual energy, and should be shared with goodwill intended for all".
    From what I can see, there are a lot of blockages and dam building going on.

    1. I like that. Money energy is spiritual energy. It really is, isn't it? There should be no impediments to being able to share that, and yet there is, put in place by a few and which blockades the many.

      I'm not sure I agree that we can't escape them completely. I don't know if we will ever bring them to account, but the more you learn about these people the more they show simply as aject criminals. I dream of one day seeing them all locked away. If we had enough guts as a collective body of people, we could do it. I'm not so sure enough people are tuned in though.

      But who knows? Maybe we don't need to do anything at all (although I worry about the extents of their power. I know it's paranoid and ridiculous the thoughts of geoengineering etc but I suspect these things are already going on. I think we are being controlled to a degree that many would be absolutely amazed at if they could tune into it. I worry about these people who are so powerful and so corrupt. I am sick to fucking death of my life being affected and made smaller by them. When the horse is able to remove the bit from its own mouth and it doesn't, what does that say? Sometimes it just really drives me crazy and I have to stop, and turn aside, and think, "What do I want to see instead?" and turn towards that instead of focussing on them. But I think we need to do both. Humans in power are nasty, nasty creatures and I don't think these ones are any different.

      Yes, all of that compulsion and pushing towards us to compete with each other on the most baseline of levels. "Be the envy of your friends and family." Sheesh. I mean, I'm as inclined to fall for that sort of thing as the next person, but it's pretty egotistical and boring in the end, isn't it? :)

    2. PS: I can't guarantee I won't be snuffled up in me 'ead and feeling poorly, but do you want to catch up for that coffee sometime soon? I am planning on cutting classes tomorrow simply because I feel like it, so that would be good, or else sometime on the weekend or any day next week except Monday

    3. Hi Sue,
      having a bite to eat and checking blogs after cleaning the house, and before I get to claywork - glazing for the next three days.
      Can you PM me at
      We can exchange contacts and talk more about catching up.
      Hope you're feeling better.
      Talk soon,
      Vicki :)


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