I Need Your Help

Thursday, 3 October 2013

I need your help with a story I want to write.

It's set in a fictional universe and in a fictional world (which looks just like this one, pretty much).  And it turns out that that entire universe is actually a simulation game that this person is playing on their computer.

This person is a little nice but they're also a little nasty, a bit of a bully, which is often reflected in the way their fictional world operates.

But then there's this other component that is in the world that gets stronger and stronger as it goes on, and that component is sometimes called love, and sometimes called Love because it's so good that people want to make a capital letter out of it.  And that component grows and grows until it starts to change the world, and it changes this person right along with it.

My question is, do you foresee a way in which the people in this fictional world end up seeing the person playing the simulation game?  If so, how?

Or maybe it's better if the people never even know that they're in a simulation game.

Your thoughts?

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