A Self-Generating Organism - The Aim

Friday, 8 November 2013

Sophisticated thinkers often work equally well in the realms of high-order analysis and speculation and across a range of feelings with their varying degrees of intensity.  A mind with that virtuosity seeks the contexts and creates the possibilities necessary for its own nurture and fulfillment.  It becomes a self-generating organism. Not necessarily one which is independent of others nor or enabling contexts, but one which knows how to seek, find and transform experiences.
~ Roslyn Arnold, from the second edition of New Philosopher, a quarterly print magazine exploring ways to live a more fulfilling life.  I would highly recommended it even if it hadn't become a bit of a warm and fuzzy thing by virtue of the fact that when these guys were searching for potential crowdfunders and I told them that I love the concept of the mag and that it is necessary to fill a niche, but that being broke I could not afford to give them any dosh, they gave me a free subscription. 

Pic by Jessie Romaneix under a creative commons attribution/noncommercial/no derivatives licence

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