Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The only problem I have with my partner going to see Yngwie Malmsteen do a guitar clinic in Ringwood ... you know, I never thought I'd say that phrase ever in my life.  I mean, I guess it's some sort of a cultural cringey-type thing that I never really considered that it was possible that Yngwie Malmsteen could ever be in Ringwood, much less that he would ever want to.  I don't know why really - I mean, he has to go somewhere, right?

I guess I just think that he may feel it's a little beneath him, doing anything in Ringwood, after being the big teenage prodigy 'n all.  'Cause a small inward snobby part of me feels that I am too above doing anything in Ringwood.  Me, who used to live in Braybrook.  Goodness me, wo' a duffer.

What was I saying?  Yes, the only problem I have with Yngwie Malmsteen doing a clinic in Ringwood is that then I keep saying "Yngwie Malmsteen, Yngwie Malmsteen" over and over in my head.  Happens every time.


I probably should work with the brain instead of trying to fight it.  Probably a good time to go and do some Yngwie Malmsteen mantra meditation.

Speaking of guitars, seeing there's about eleventy six of them lying around the house I thought I would like to begin to learn how to play one.  And so I'd forgotten the "A" Anth taught me about a year or two ago.  So he retaught me that, and taught me "D" as well, but I can't for the life of me remember either of them so Dr Google is going to have to help me by providing some guitar chord pages.

But sheesh - that guitar playin' hurts, man.  Hurts me fingers.  Puts big lines in 'em.  And then Bryan Adams starts up in my head about playing till his fingers bled, ruining a perfectly fun and creative, if painful, experience. 

In completely unrelated news, this, from Buzzfeed:

So beautiful I almost cannae stand it.  Just like I cannae stop italicising this evening.

Time to go away and write one of the three essays I have on the go at once.  Typical way of writing for an attention-challenged individual, I suppose but still ... weird.

Work with the mind, Susie, work with the mind.

~ ~

Update:  Oh!  I've been saying it wrong, according to these lovely Swedish people.  It's not so much INGVEY and it's INGVEE.  And the way they say Malmsteen, I'm never gonna be able to get that level of inflection.  I'm afraid the Yngwie Malmsteen Mantra is going to have to be of an Australian flavour.  If you wish to partake of it with me, wherever you are in the world, please feel free ~ and you might want to make sure you're saying it properly. 


  1. Never heard of the bloke until this very minute. [Goes checks Youtube in order to be educated. OK, that's enough of that.]

    Hmm. Nope, never heard of him. Never played the guitar, either. My husband used to.

    The hippo is ADORABLE, though.

    1. Haha - didn't like? Well, even if you don't like his music, that doesn't need to stop you from joining me in my upcoming Yngwie Malmsteen Mantra Meditation [TM] sessions if you so desire.

      That's "trademark" by the way, not "transcendental meditation".

    2. His music didn't appear to be my style, but my husband would probably love him. I will pass on the meditation....but you go do what you like. It takes all kinds! :)

    3. Geez, where's your sense of adventure, Erin?

      Your loss - you COULD have been able to say that you were in the front row at the very beginning of the Yngwie Malmsteen Mantra Meditation [TM] Movement.

    4. My sense of adventure? Who just did a case analysis on a conflict about as far away from me on the planet as it could be? :)

    5. A place I do hope to visit one day. :)

    6. Yes, and you didn't leave your chair to do it. Neither will you need to leave your chair to participate in the Yngwie Malmsteen Mantra Meditation [TM}.

      I'm really tired of typing that now. But I *was* lying in bed last night wondering about whether if my money situation improves so that I can buy a webcam if I actually *would* film a mock Yngwie Malmsteen Mantra Meditation [TM]. I think I might consider that for the future ... :)

    7. I left my chair "virtually" through you! Isn't that enough? LOL. I sure do appreciate your help with that. I know I've said, that, but still. You were especially nice to help this person even though she forgot your birthday. :)

      You totally should do that. If you actually do it, I'll participate!

    8. It *is* enough that you left your chair virtually through me :) It's sort of like a modern day version of the Wishing Chair ... did you read Enid Blyton books as a child? Were they a thing in the US when we were young? I used to polish one of them off in a lazy Sunday afternoon. It's funny when I look back now because I was a child of the 70's reading these books written in 30's/40's England, and some of the stories and things I wrote as a child had people speaking in that sort of "Oh, gosh!" type language that I didn't really use in my everyday life. I have some pictures that I drew at school, and some of the men in them are straight from that era - wearing suits, with hats on their heads and pipes in their mouths. I don't think I made the connection that I could write about people in my own era, haha. Weird :)

      That's really fine about the birthday - I know you've been full-on busy, lady.

      And no worries, I'm glad to have been able to have helped you with your project.

    9. I don't think I ever read the Wishing Chair. I had to look it up. There was this series I read in grade 4 or 5 (age 11 or so?) that I can only remember the smallest bits and pieces of and can't remember the title or author. It's been haunting me for 20 years.

      I didn't write stories when I was young. I wrote *poetry*. I still have some of it. Most of it is romantic. It's hilarious.

    10. Oh, those things have an incredible haunt factor to them :)

      Glad you've kept some of that poetry. It's so funny to look back on, ain't it.

  2. If you played slide guitar, you wouldnt get sore fingers

    1. Ooh, there's an idea. But then I wouldn't be paying my dues, if I didn't rip my fingers to shreds, would I? You can only shred if you've already been shredded :)

      Anyway, the pain will help me focus on something when I get tired of focussing on my breath during the upcoming Yngwie Malmsteen Mantra Meditation [TM] podcast streaming here sometime soon.

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    1. Thanks for your generous response but really, there is no point here, just random fluffy crapness :)


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