The Right to Free Assembly

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Guy Rundle writes a most important piece in New Matilda today about the clampdown across the West on the right to free assembly, ranging wide from the behaviour of universities in the UK all the way to McDonald's injunctions against Tecoma protesters just down the road from me here in the outer east of Melbourne.

It's gonna come down to the wire at some point.  That point is coming fast, the point where sticking to the status quo, where the common people are enslaved while the criminal aristocracy runs free, becomes worse than whatever will happen if we fight back, take back control, make change.

May the revolution be as bloodless as possible.  I'm not sure those holding grimly to their cushy side of the division will allow it to be that way, however. 

Freedom is the most important thing, in the end.  Freedom to be out and about and free to know yourself innocent, not judged guilty by dint of existing by burgeoning police forces and security companies.  Freedom to know the truth of a situation, to live righteously, dude, fostering dignity and beauty;  and freedom to live in a way that demonstrates that we are all one.

We are many within the one.  The time is here when the many need to fight back just a little harder against the few who refuse to budge.  I don't know how the status quo perpetrators can live with themselves.  Their wads of cash must have blinded them to envision the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.  How could they not wish that for everybody?  How could anybody not wish for everybody to be as happy and healthy as possible?  That is the true mark of humanity. 

Psycopaths might be running the show, but they're not the definers of my kind.

We want to change the way we live to reflect the dignity of humanity and the dignity of the earth to suit us all, and our great-grandchildren, not just you mob who find yourselves in the most powerful places, enslaving everyone else because you're enslaved yourselves, unable to change the way you do things.

We are still the 99%.

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