Bananaman ...

Saturday, 18 January 2014

... is on the counter, in despair at the depths of his own ennui :) 

Which is I think what Buddhists refer to as adding pain to your suffering.

Be kind to that, Bananaman.

And be kind to that Bananaman.

Kindness and compassion towards the Bananaman is like watering the garden after a Melbourne heatwave. 

I am qualified to talk about this because I know both what happens when you are kind to those spaces within yourself and let them be, and I also know what happens when you are repulsed by those spaces and resent and do not accept them.

* ~ *

It's true that there is a lot to despair about.  Really, living in the times that we do, if you are not sometimes despairing, then you are not facing up to reality.

That despair protects something beautiful and innocent.  No matter how much it's hidden under layers of toughness and cycnicism, we all underneath contain the same innocence, needing protection, soft and mushy as an overripe banana.


  1. Sometimes despair is the only sane response in an insane world. Well you also know my other favourite response in this insane world. Be well and stay cool would ya. Jeesh. Jon...

  2. Jon! I was just thinking about you yesterday and about how you are one of the people I miss most on FB. Lovely to "see" you.

    I agree. Despair is an appropriate response at times and unless you're constantly numbing yourself stupid on crack or sex or double scotch or strawberry wafers then it's gonna come.

    I think we are transitioning though. I really, truly do. There are enough sane people out there I think who are starting to realise that if it's not us who changes it, then it won't. That gives me hope.

  3. Space and despair, things I've been thinking about too. I literally just posted about this kind of thing too, and discovered quite randomly that Nina Simone is the answer to everything.

    1. Ooh, something in the air?

      Well, I'm not feeling despairing this morning but still, I shall try out your theory, Ms EL.

      *Puts on My Baby Just Cares For Me CD* :)


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