What I Have Learned

Sunday 12 January 2014

  • That having a break from the reprehensible Western capitalistic slavery bullshit is very good fuel to keep fighting it for the rest of the year.
  • That health is the scaffolding for everything else.  That freedom is more important than anything, and that lack of it is worse than death.
  • That Bendigo is a lovely town, and that even if it's only an overnight drive-in/drive-out, I feel like I've had a real, true break.. 
  • That I love my partner and that I hate being stuck in a dying artifical system that puts so much strain on both of us, all for the sake of money.  That I feel in my saggy old uterine waters that this year will be less about the grindstone and more about wonderful new change for both of us.  
  • That this year I would love to be able to go away on day trips and overnight stays and chill the batteries more than last year because that damn thing is FUN.
  • That d-Ribose seems to work for me with my fatigue levels.  How much it works remains to be seen but honestly, when you've been floored with fatigue and held captive for so long in your own body, to see some sort of evidence that you have come upon something which is going to help level out the stamina field so that maybe those bike rides can be a thing of the future is like being reborn.
  • That a wonderful idea, which is itself a creative scaffold awaiting the arrival of more and further ideas to put inside it, is a big enough incentive to spark you out of the looming depression that the holidays are over and it's back to the grind (even if the grind is waiting for work that doesn't come while your partner works way too many hours).  Wonderful ideas that look towards the future/past ways of doing things that move past the reprehensible Western capitalistic slavery bullshit present are golden and healthful and full of wholesome flavour to boot.  And they're 99% fat-free. 
Milking It.  Part of the wonderful Little Dudes series by JD Hancock

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