Friday 6 June 2014

Thinking today about the space between here and here.

Imagine living in a culture that had your back.

There's a lot of different kinds of poverty.

Poverty of money

Poverty of spirit

Poverty of vision

Poverty of generosity

That whitey, he sure do some damage.


  1. Reflecting on this makes me so sad.
    Because it's so true.
    Poverty of the soul.

    "He" certainly has done some damage.

    1. I love the way the Yolgnu culture has threaded through it concepts that mean that "Everything is cared for. No one is overlooked. Everything, every place and everyone has someone watching their back, looking out for them, nurturing them."

      That's what we need to reintroduce into our own culture. I think we're probably all just a tad tired of being consumers, interest bearers for the richest men's bank balances. We've got lots of work to do to restore what's broken in this culture.

    2. You are SO right.

      I vacillate between a positive optimism that it can be so, and, what's the point - because the greedy, affluent fuckers who rule this world, cause dissent among us, block us at every turn and will ruin this world for all.

    3. So do I. It seems so monumental a task.

      But then I stop and think and remember that it doesn't require us to change the thoughts and intentions of those who keep the system going. It's up to us. And there's enough people out there already onto it. And I think that whatever we can come up with, in whatever small ways, that show our resistance to that version of dog-eat-dog, rings powerfully.

      At least, that's how I'm feeling this morning when I've woken up with optimism. I prepare myself for the disillusion and despair later on :)

    4. I hear ya on that.
      Just when I feel this world has a chance, I see/hear something that crushes the dream. Sigh.
      I'm trying to counter the negative thoughts, that arise as a consequence, quickly with a positive one. It's exhausting.

    5. It truly is exhausting.


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