The Light of the Shadow

Sunday 1 February 2015

The evil that is manifesting in our world is an expression that light is nearby, just as shadows are themselves expressions of light. A strong light is the best shadow-projector; in the source of light there is darkness enough for any amount of projections. We tend to think of shadows as the absence of light instead of one of its manifold expressions. Only when the full light shines in the darkness is the full intensity of the darkness made manifest. Joining the shadow with its light is, spiritually speaking, to be in possession of great wealth. A medieval proverb says, “Light over darkness is the Antichrist; Light through the darkness is the Christ.” Light is ultimately revealed through darkness; it needs darkness, for otherwise, how could it appear as light?

 Paul Levy, Dispelling Wetiko

Pic by Lolowaro974


  1. I so agree.
    We cannot have light without darkness. The two can't exist apart for long.
    Positive, negative. Light, dark. Day, night.

    It's in us all. Some give in too much to one side. Imbalance.
    We need to find a return to balance.

    Wonderful image, Sue.

  2. It's pretty cool, isn't it? I do like people who make their pics available online

  3. That's why doing personal shadow work is such an important part of not only spiritual growth but also of physical and emotional healing.

  4. Absolutely. I wonder too if every one of us did shadow work if there wouldn't be less for the very powerful to trip over

  5. Interesting thought. Their own shadows must be "monstrous big!" My shadow is very much made up of fear and lack of trust, mainly due to childhood stuff. If I fear less, can I be manipulated less? or if I can recognise when I am coming from a place of fear can i be driven less? I think so! Hence knowing one's shadow can be a good thing. Plus once you come to know them you can give them a cuddle and make them feel better. :)

  6. Oh, I loved it when I realised that interacting with these elements, that I could actually effect change, that I could actually reach out to them and comfort them! I mean, it makes sense logically, seeing it's all you, but ... I don't know. I just remember being sooooo surprised when doing this that it was such a strong and vibrant and healing kind of thing, you know?

    I went to a Meetup group last week where when talking along these lines, one of the other participants commented that it sounds a bit like mental illness. She said that because she had suffered with depression and anxiety and bad health, that when things improved for her all of this stuff stopped. As I'm a super hypersensitive menopausal soul at the moment, and this was the first Meetup group I'd ventured out to, and I felt somewhat like I've spent so much time underground and hermit like, it really hurt. I know she didn't mean it personally but it just made me pull myself right in. People do think this stuff is crazy if they don't have a natural inclination to go exploring in this way. Of course they do. What other reaction are they going to have to something so bloody scary ... at least in the beginning until you realise you can cuddle your shadow? ;)

  7. Plus, I was a bit irritated at this woman's lack of imagination, seeing you come across it so often. To pathologise it into a medical condition made me want to say lots of sentences with "fuck" in them out of abject frustration :)

  8. Perhaps you should have. :) I only talk about this stuff to people I know are likely to be receptive but my fucks are no longer given all the same. Heh, mum saw my dog's water bottle that i keep in the car the other day. it has words like love, healing, blessing and peace written all over it ala Dr Emoto's work. She laughed and said, lucky I know you or I'd think that was a bit nuts. I realised I don't care one bit if it does mean people think I'm nuts. It's an easy thing to do, it has the power of intention behind it, and it isn't hurting anyone! If hugging my shadow is a bit nuts, then so be it. Having said that, I bet that lady has one, it is just well tucked down, for now! One day... SPOING! There it will be! Popping up out of her psyche, all huge and scary from all that hidden growing time!


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