Thursday, 9 April 2009

I've been having an interesting dream life lately. Which is good, because my real life is boring. I just increased my work hours yesterday - by an hour, all up, bringing me to a grand total of a six-hour day. Which will make some of you laugh, I'm sure. But honestly, my job is sitting in front of a computer typing. I get paid by word rate. I feel like a fucking battery hen.

The night before last I dreamt I was living in this massive Georgian house, a three-storey affair with two wings coming off the side. It was beautiful. I was pretty stoked, really :) At the back of this house, out past the fence, was this interesting garden/forest with these giant, enormous oak trees. Me and Andrea were hanging out there. Sounds like a pretty nice house/land combo to me.

Last night I dreamt I was on a rollercoaster whose driver had decided to get off. The rollercoaster plummetted downwards then ran right off the tracks and into the sea. Funny, but it was like the rollercoaster was encased, because when we flew into the sea, it wasn't like we all went everywhere and could swim away, but we were stuck inside the rollercoaster cabin and were going to drown.

I think I prefer the first dream.


  1. Gone off the rails Sue? Were you with anyone you knew in the second one?
    I prefer the setting of the first on too. I had one where I wandered for hours through rooms and suites of a rambling hotel. Massive and varied decor throughout.

  2. did you have any trouble at all making the decision to perfer the first one over the second one? :)

  3. You know what those oak trees represent right?

  4. Norm - yes, I think it is something akin to going off the rails. I know in Jungian dream analysis the sea represents emotions. I think really that dream was just a rather overdramatic display to myself of how stuck I feel in my job. No, I wasn't with anyone I know in the second one, I don't think.

    That sounds like an interesting dream you had. I have heard it said that dreaming of houses is really dreaming about yourself, about your soul. I've had lots of house dreams over the past few years. Actually, in a Jungian framework, it is believed that EVERY aspect of your dreams is a part of yourself. So every other person in the dream is a representation of yourself. Not that I would slap that on every single dream - that's a bit limiting - but my art therapist picked apart some of my dreams in that fashion and it was quite startling :) Hooray for nocturnal storytelling :)

    Kent - well, I ummed and ahhed about it, and finally decided I would prefer to skip about in my own private Pride and Prejudice landscape than drown a horrible death in an unescapable driverless roller coaster :) Bit of a difference between the two dreams, huh? Last night I dreamt my ex was hand making pizzas, and laying on large strips of mushrooms and salting them. He never cooked or liked mushrooms when we were together, but he has changed quite a lot in recent times (for the better, more into himself). I said to him that I supposed I should leave before his girlfriend got there and he said yes. And so poor little old me, I trundled out but my car wasnt there, and proceeded to take the very long way home via a very far away bus stop.

    Are you feeling sorry for me yet? :)

    Barbara - no, what do they represent? (Please don't say penis people. I would prefer them to represent something about me. I love likening myself to a tree :)


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