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Sunday, 14 June 2009

I have begun blogging weekly over at Communitas Collective along with Erin the Word dude and Gary Means and other new bloggy people I haven't got to know just yet:
Communitas refers to “the sense of sharing and intimacy that develops among people who experience a transitional period.”

Today there is an unprecedented exodus of people from institutional churches, yet a heightened awareness of spirituality. Many of us are weary of institutions, but hungry for community. There is a declining desire to be part of a system and a growing desire to be a part of something that is real - something that provides the opportunity for self expression and living out the life of Christ, rather than just talking about it.
Communitas Collective exists to encourage people who are discovering new ways to be the church, and seeks to help people live out the good news of Jesus.

There are three blog sections, with three posts each week, so all up there will be nine different posts. Mine are at Sanctuary, and you can find the first waffly blather here.


  1. Love the blog. And love the post. I'll be back for sure!

  2. Wish I could do waffly blather like you. Any tips?
    Sometimes though I think we could do with a bit more reserve in the use of the word 'God'. D Z Phillips counsels us to let talk of God 'come in at the right place'. Am I the only one who is put off by what sounds like over-familiarity with God and a tendency to sentimentality about Jesus? Is it just my Englishness? In WW2 there was a saying that loose talk costs lives. I think loose God-talk costs souls. It sure scares me.

  3. Tips on waffly blather? Goodness, I dunno :) I just open my mouth and it falls out! :) I think you have to be called Motormouth in Grade 1 at primary school to do it effortlessly :)

    I do understand what you are saying, that the word 'God' can become like another sort of a commodity but its overuse. Is that what you mean?

    I do, however, think that the God who wants us to call him Abba and crawl into his lap like small children is maybe a God who is not as concerned with over-familiarity as we think?

    That's just my take on it, anyway, David :)

  4. It's not so much over-familiarity in that sense that troubles me. It's the way that people speak with authority(?) about what God thinks, or God says, or God wants. It can be very off-putting to more tentative seekers after truth.

    I'm inclined to say, "You tell me what God thinks, wants, says - and I'll tell you what kind of person you are."

  5. Molly - hi there! Thanks for dropping in :)

  6. Oh, right, I get you now. Yes, I definitely have problems with that. I do like hearing of people speak with authority about what God wants for them, but as soon as they start dictating for others? Yes, can feel the shutters come down.

    (Unless it is done in humility and hten it's a differnet saucepan of salmon).

    It's scary, isn't it, to think that we carve God so much in our own image?

  7. I'm so happy to have you on board, girlfriend! You are a unique voice that I treasure and am glad others are getting to hear you.

    And boy do I ever understand what goodfornowt is saying about people speaking for God. Who is any of us to presume to know the mind of God for others? I used to be that person and it only caused pain.

  8. Erin - yes, lording it over each other really makes for sucky times, doesn't it. How cool the converse is, when you have people that all give each other space.


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