Music Head ... Part 1

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Grrrr. This thing'll be the death of me!

I spent about 15 hours on this the week before last. Built it up, collapsed it down, built it up, collapsed it down before I could work out how to put the music notes inside the head without it looking too shabby or collapsing.

Finally I sort of worked it out, but then unfortunately decided at the end that I would bend the head back, as in ecstasy, you know? Now, there's a certain sort of charm in handmade lack of uniformity (luckily for me). Unfortunately, the other end of that spectrum is ... well, wobbly gooberliness. Already teetering on the edges of wobbly gooberliness, tilting back the head just stuffed it all, really.

So it's back to the drawing board once again for me and my mate, Music Head :)


  1. i absolutely adore your muse posing on the sofa...and i just know that music head will turn out to be just perfect (perhaps already is).

  2. Pitter patter, keep at 'er and it'll all come out according to your plan.

    Beautiful / handsome dog!!

  3. looks like lester is listening for the music :)

  4. I love how you all refrained from saying, "Gee, what a wonky piece of shite!" and instead focussed on Lester :)

    Har har har har.

    Luckily it's only a first draft :)

  5. it is interesting, i thought lucy and norm both commented on the claywork . . .
    i'm trained to offer my first response to transpersonal art (for therein often lies treasure)
    and my first response was that the dog was listening to the music, perhaps it's that certain pitch only canine ears hear
    my second response was that it could make a cool surround-sound chamber, if he put his head through the hole

  6. They did both comment on it. I'm just being petulant because I have posted pictures of wonky claywork I have done :)

    Surround-sound chamber. Cool :)

    Speaking of transpersonal art I didn't go to Maggie today as I have a bug of some description. I do very muchly miss it.

  7. sure hope that bug ain't swine flu
    what with melb vic aus being the world capital of it and all :<


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