There's No Time Like the Right Time (And That's Now)

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ooh, don't you love it when a musical bubble bursts? You've been going along in your life swimming in the bubbles that have already burst previously (is not a much-listened album something that mellows into your heart like a thousand dollar bottle of good red? Something that becomes to you a friend?)

And then suddenly, here appears a new bubble. Or a new old bubble. One that's swum past you eleventy four times before but you've watched it pass with less than mild disinterest.

Then one day. Suddenly. It bursts. You're ready to be able to hear it. It's the right time.

The Tori Amos bubble has burst into my lounge room this evening. I have fallen in love on first listen to Little Earthquakes. Her first album. Surely it will prove to be her best.

Oh, I feel rich. I feel rich. Think how many more experiences there are like this! How many as-yet unexplored albums that lie waiting for me to open them. Who needs sex? :)

Is it not an anomaly that there exists atheist music lovers? Or that late Western Christianity with its small stupid egotistical god came after Bach?


~ End lyrical wax ~


  1. I love the new look, green is my favorite color. Well believe it or not with my millions of CDs, I don't have this one, but will get it!

  2. I love Silent All these Years and Precious Things. I don't have the album though, maybe I should get it. The girl rocks the piano.

  3. Barbara - I'll be interested to hear what you think if you do get it. I am definitely in a "creative, slightly offbeat woman" phase of my music loving these days :)

    Erin - She surely does rock the piano. I shall think of you when I listen to these excellent two songs :) And then of my cousin, for who Winter, which follows, makes her (and me) cry.


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