I Don't Live in a Brand

Monday 8 June 2009

Apparently, according to some talking head on the dumber-than-ever television news, Victoria's "brand" is being damaged because we have the largest amount of people with swine flu per capita in the world outside of Mexico; combine that with the rascist attacks on Indians that have been going on lately (fuelled by the media, I don't hesitate to say), and the Black Saturday fires, and we have a problem with our image.

Maybe the problem is with the media, and with stupid talking heads who insist on calling the space in which we live a "brand". Maybe the problem is that we are just so patently stupid and dumbass a group of people that our news would even dare to feature a variety of different people surmising a whole lot of fluff. The fact that everyone is still bleating on about this bloody swine cold just makes it all that bit creepier.

People eat this fluff without thinking twice. Chuck some chicken salt on it and chug it on down and call it news. Because it's on "the" news. Mistaking the form for the content. That's scary.


  1. As if everywhere doesn's have issues. Sheesh. It's because it's a living breathing thing and not a corporate identity.

  2. Exactly. And what shits me about it all is that the whole "brand" and "image" thing turns us into some kind of giant megachurch where it's all about how we appear and none of our sins are allowed in this space (not without the police force tasering them).

    It's just fake and causes people to withdraw even more.

  3. I dislike the word "brand" as well -- as if everything/one is for sale. "Stakeholders" is another one of my favorites. >:( Kind of reminds me of old Dracula movies.

  4. Barbara - funny you should mention Dracula. I think this culture teaches everyone to be vampires. Maybe that's why the Twilight books are so popular :)


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