Monday 8 June 2009

His approach feels entirely different this year. Much less Old Man Winter. While in the past decade he's felt decidedly like a palliative 87 year old, this year a younger and more virile version is presenting himself to my senses, all black eyes and smoulder.

It is true that if you can cope with Winter you can cope with anything, but it is also true that you have to have some sort of baseline of health to be able to do that in the first place. Now I have that, my Summer lovin' self is climbing on the Winter horse and sorta enjoying the feel of the saddle.

Feels kinda dirty, as if Summer is going to find out I'm off having an affair with his nemesis :) Still, that golden haired boy will make his return soon enough and when he does I will be willingly enfolded (he is my true love), but until then, let's just love the one we're with, shall we :)

This dark man Winter grown young, he's alluring me into his depths with promises this time where in years past he just sneered.

I know, I know - it's not even officially winter yet. How can I be all enamoured with romantic notions of black eyes and mist when I don't even enter the darkened doorway for another two weeks?

That's true :) Still, skipping up the approach instead of being dragged and dumped on my arse by sister Autumn is a pretty good start :)


  1. ooh susie q has new clothes!!! very pretty.

    you describe it BEAUTIFULLY, amazingly, i will have to quote you. i can entirely see myself in this post, and come 6 months from now, it will be me.

  2. Wadja do to your blog? Really cool. I like it.

    If Winter is the same guy I just finished with a while ago up here, better watch out. He can stay on longer than he's welcome and inconvenience you no end.

  3. love the new look
    suits the winter season too

  4. Erin - thank you *blush* It will be you in 6 months time. Enjoy that blonde haired boy now, ya hear :)

    Barbara - well, Winter is a bit more psychotic when he comes visiting you, unfortunately. But still - yes, he certainly does outstay his welcome. Still, even bad relationships have honeymoon periods at the begining :)

    Kel - it does suit winter. I wanted something dark and sexy :)


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