"We met over the internet ..."

Sunday, 18 October 2009

At the Gatehouse fundraiser on Friday night there were several people on Louisa's table who asked me how we knew each other.

The words "We met on the internet" still carry funny undertones, somehow. You feel like you want to add, "But it was all perfectly harmless really. We met via a mutual blog friend who introduced us and hey, isn't the internet amazing for meeting people!"

And you exclaim at the end because you're trying to make up for the fact that when you say "we met on the internet" the idea that floats up is of meeting sordidly via a group sex with donkeys chat room or something.

I wonder when that stigma will pass :)

Off to Marysville. Toodle pip.


  1. I met my boyfriend over the internet...I wonder if people thing we are weird because of that???

  2. no stigma attached in my mind ;)

    i just say, "we met through blogging"
    those in the know smile and say "which blogs do you read?"

    those not in the know think you said 'snogging', and give you a weird look ...

    ah yes, stigma

    but who cares
    not me

  3. I still pause before saying that. Or saying "my friend in Melbourne (or wherever)." The next questions is "How do you know someone in Melbourne?"


    When I introduced Pam (whom I met online but now is a RL friend) to some other friends, they asked how we met and she said "In prison." That always gets a laugh and breaks the tension.

  4. Yes, having just spent a great few days in Ireland with Christine and Lucy from Seattle I've been asked the same thing. In fact we were talking about it, and we agree that blogging is fabulous for making the world a more inspiring place, both smaller and larger. We also discussed how many people still just don't "get" blogging.

  5. Barbara - well, you don't need to worry about that anymore, do you :)

    Kel - no, I don't care either. It just seems almost antiquated a notion that people still hold that stigma, but I guess not everyone is a blog junkie :)

    Erin - "in prison." Haha! Good one :) Might try that next time.

    Tess - I didn't realise you went to Ireland as well. How cool!!! I must catch up ... I agree, blogging is great for bringing it all down to the micro level of just people. I love the way likeminded people can find each other by blogging.


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