Tired Mr Spots

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Mr Naughty is very tired after his busy weekend. He only just got out of bed now.

I will write a bit about Marysville when I get the chance. Quite surreal; didn't feel like it was the same place. I was worried the earth would be drenched in sorrow, like everyone's grief would have been impaled to the ground and we would have had to have climbed over it, but it wasn't like that, at least not on a Sunday and Monday in early Spring when most of the people around seemed to be tourists.

There is fuzzy new leaf growth running up the seared, blackened trunks of mountain ash everywhere, and the tree ferns have rebounded amazingly well, as they do. The recent rains are running the stream fast behind Bruno's place and have greened up the grass all over. The insistence of life to continue on after death.

I understand the "for sale" signs. Some things are too hard to overcome and life must be begun somewhere else. I also understand the caravans here and there on cleared sites ready to begin again.


  1. He is so CUTE! I can relate to this:

    Some things are too hard to overcome and life must be begun somewhere else.

  2. luv luv luv the picture of lesta'


    glad you were able to go spend some money into their local economy

  3. You know it is inspiration to all of us how life can come from death. I love that.

  4. Barbara - he is cute :) It's difficult to see in this photo but there is a large amount of grey happening on his face. Poor Mr Naughty is an old man now.

    May your new beginning be with the road rising to meet you, the wind being at your back, the sun shining warm on your face, the rains falling soft on your fields, and the sense of God holding you in the hollow of his/her hand.

    Kel - Lesta' with an apostrophe! Wow, sounds like he needs his own posse now, dawg!! :)

    Yeah, the good thing is that of the few shops stll standing, one is the bakery and one is a cafe and both were doing roaring trade on the weekend.

    Erin - yeah, I think that life/death/life cycle was cut off at the knees at the death bit somehow, through our Western Xtianity. To be reminded of life coming, always coming after death, is liberation. I love it too :)


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