Wouldn't it be cool if ...

Thursday, 21 January 2010

... we came to the end of the world and God was there ready to take us backwards and fix everything up?  Like, in some crazy cosmic space-time continuum end of the world unbelievable finale, where we get to enter literally into the redemption of the world by going back and amending what we've helped to break?

I mean, whatever way stuff happens, you know, but this would be kinda cool :D


  1. This makes me think of all the cultures who have harmed all the other cultures...getting to repair those things.

  2. the first thought in my mind: how do we know it doesn't work like that? then i thought of the symbol of the spiral - the celtic culture considers the spiral a representation of time where things come close and move back out and at times actually touch each other (i.e. not a linear continuum, but fluid)... oh, you do get my mind working in unusual ways. i like it!!

  3. Erin - wouldn't that be awesome.

    Lucy - well, yeah, how do we know it doesn't work like that? I love what you say here about the Celtic spiral. It often enters into my mind this way of seeing time, and the thin spaces sometimes between times. It's beautiful, isn't it :)

  4. I love this idea. We could petition for it, right?


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