You Love the Thunder, and you Love the Rain

Friday 5 February 2010

It's been raining here off and on ever since last evening.  Wrapping me up inside my house. A bit more pleasant now it's cooled down somewhat and it's not so muggy.

Rain used to be something that was an interruption to whatever I was doing.  Now it is an interruption to whatever I am doing but a sort of call back to myself, to simple things, to what matters.  A pause in my day, the smell of the earth rising up to remind me.

So beautiful.


  1. It is beautiful and one of my favorite things. It is raining here right now also and beginning to mix with some snow. We might have 4 or 5 inches of the white stuff by time it's over. I love snow also :-)

    Enjoy Sue

  2. A little Jackson Browne? Its suppose to rain here tonight! I wish we'd get thunder!!!

  3. Rain is God drumming on the roof!

  4. It's been raining here too over night. I don't have much of an affection for the rain though. But recently it has been cool to see spring materalizing as I do my route each day. Here a little bunch of snow drops are in bloom, in another yard the crocuses have progressed from tiny green buds poking out of the ground to 3 or 4" stems with the tips showing color. Yesterday was a brilliant sunny day, and I was able to see the snow capped mountains, and a pair of bald eagles frolicing on the breeze, and it was warm, it actually smelt like spring(delivered the mail in shirt sleeves.) There is some much about the earth that is good and beautiful but we do manage to bugger it up. Went from that to a discussion about reform theology and calvinism in the evening, with a good friend. He was venting but even thinking about was a brk@#$$bill the cat moment.

    Olympic update, the dump trucks are busy non stop hauling snow from further up the mountains where they have snow, and they are talking about closing schools in our district due to lack of funding from the same gov't that is paying for the Olympics. Crazy huh???

    Cheers Jon

  5. I love summer rain, but I hate winter rain. I know we need it to build the snowpack and reservoirs for summer, but it drives me nuts when it's in the 30's (F) and raining for months on end.

    Glad you have a reprieve from the heat.

  6. I love rain, but mostly when I am trying to sleep because the sound helps me sleep. I suppose I don't much care for the small "river" that forms in my backyard after a good rain, though, teehee

  7. do i hear jackson browne playing in the background?

  8. yeah! we're gettting some rain here, finally, after two very dry months
    our water tanks are being refilled and i think there may be a deep hot bath tonight :)

    love Tess's observation - God drumming on the roof


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