How many morons ...

Friday 9 April 2010

... to stuff up a blog?

Just one.  It was always a stupid idea, with a blog called Discombobula, to split it up into "creative blog" and "the rest of the stuff."  And now, reintegrating it all back into one blog once more, I have inadvertently deleted all of the comments that have found their way here over the past couple of years.

Yeah, yeah, I know.  It's no biggie, not really.  And my word for this year is, after all, impermanence.

But it really pisses me off how pressing a few buttons and it's all kaput.  Or else it's all duplicated.

Oh well :)


  1. OK - was I on speed or did you just post about 10-12 blog entries all on April 8th? I have missed you and was slowly reading through them and now they are gone? That is a bummer. I love reading you.

    I may be your trawler. Didn't know about a web counter thing. People read blogs and they don't always comment. I think because you are so open and vulnerable, you need someone to tell you it is OK, that you are not a space cadet. That is OK as well. But just think of this. Many times when I read your blog, I am left somewhat mentally speechless. In a good way. In a way, that says I am going to be truer to myself. I am going to be transparent and put myself out there as well. So that's all I have to say.

  2. Glad to see your blogging schizophrenia has passed. :) I have a second blog that I don't really write on, but from time to time I toy with the notion of running two blogs. Then I think about the extra effort, and I don't.

    Seriously, it matters not to me either way, as long as you keep writing something, somewhere!

  3. I went through the same schizophrenia, glad to see you're back here, with or without comments, and I see there's loads here I missed while I was looking out for Wisha Wisha. I shall enjoy catching up.

  4. Agreed! Much better re-integrated... But I did think wisha~wisha~wisha was a pretty cool blog title, somehow...

  5. i'm so confused... i've been wondering where you were and now i see you've been here all along - perhaps? i'll try to keep up :-)

  6. Thanks, everybody!!

    I can't quite work out what is going on with the feeds. I deleted this blog, then just took the other one and renamed it back to discombobula again. But it's not showing up in people's feeds.

    It's all a bit of a dog's breakfast, really :)

  7. my bloglines feed has picked it up
    but it shows 56 posts - so perhaps still a little scrambled
    give it a week and it should iron itself out :)

  8. glad to have found your site again. But all comments over the last two years gone....GONE!!! So much for leaving the comments for posterity.:)



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