You Are Entering the Dead Zone

Friday 25 March 2011

I've just spent what felt like half an hour but was probably closer to 10 minutes listening to some guy in the Phillippines read me out the terms and conditions of my new mobile phone contract.  Put the phone down at one point to crack the egg into the laksa-flavoured two minute noodle mix, picked it up, and he was still talking.  The words had long since begun to merge one into another into Swahili.

I wonder how many times that young guy has to read that shit out every day. 

I also wonder how the good people of Dodo can sleep in their beds but hey, they're just following best practice/value-adding for the shareholders.  It's amazing what you can do when you've got the approval of current business practice models.

Then I called my old service provider and spoke to a lovely lady, this time in India.  My request was short and sweet - I wanted to cancel my service with them.  But no matter - she had the spiel in front of her on a computer screen, and she had to follow it, and so it took a bit of firm, "Look, I'm sorry, but I've already transferred over to someone else" to get her to shut the hell up.

How weird.  Three different people in three different countries, all in conversation with each other and all shrouded to each other by distance and by "professionalism".

I wonder about professionalism.  Seems to let all sorts of nasties in.


  1. shame on dodo, they should take care of the "dumping" for you!

    when i swapped from virgin to three, three did all that on the spot with a few clicks of their computer mouse - it was great!

    in our house we fight over who has to deal with call centre staff, we hate it so much

    so did you get a new phone? new tech toys = fun

  2. Yes, Dodo would've taken care of that for you. No matter.

    Maybe that's part of the weirdness, you weren't really "conversing" with anyone, you were just being subjected to a product disclosure statement dressed up as a person.

  3. What a way to have to make a living, eh? I bet Seth Godin has lots of interesting stuff to say about this.

  4. Hi Tess. Yes, it's an awful way to have to earn a buck. I'm not quite sure who Seth Godin is - I shall have to look him up :)


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