I Don't Understand

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The kind people from the Microsoft Help Center in India called us up again before.  Their customer service is truly superb.  That's, like, the third time they've called in the space of a week.  They are very concerned, they told my partner, about the malware and viruses that are multiplying on his computer as we speak.

He told her that it must be because of all the porn on there, and did she look at porn?*

And she hung up!!  Now, that's not very good customer service.  I've got a mind to call Microsoft back and report her for being biased and unprofessional.

*This is not, of course, implying that my partner has porn on his computer :)


  1. What kind people, phoning all that distance to express concern about your computer. Warms your heart, dunnit?;)

  2. I know! I'm amazed at how far their hospitality extends, Harry! To reach out to so many, so often :)


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