Virtual Gardening Experience

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Of all the virtual gardens in the world I love to travel to, none fills me with quite the sense of calm and serenity that Kent's does.  This garden is in Missouri, in the United States.  Kent has such a talent in making beautiful spaces.  How gorgeous is this lantern he made.


  1. SUE! I am on your blog! I couldn't find it for the longest time. I just mentioned you today to Erin, asked her how you were and said I needed to write you. Then I saw your comment on my blog...thank you.

  2. I like that space. Good vibes:)

  3. Barbara - hey, chicky! Isn't it weird how often that telepathy works across the miles? xoxo

    Harry - there are good vibes there, aren't there. Funny how often good vibes are beautiful ones too, eh.

    Kent - you're velcommen! :)


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