Sunday 15 January 2012

Your first feeling is of your heart hanging heavy in your chest.  Your mind has given you roadblocks even before you were fully awake.  Thanks for that.  Your thoughts have logjammed your own damn dam, even before your head lifts from the pillow.

Some days, turning your thoughts around takes till past lunchtime.  Then the afternoon is sunny.  A victory, unseen by anybody except yourself.

It may seem you can't easily see the way out.  Clear eight-point plans are tempting but they are indicators to a path you've trod so many times before that the grass is flattened at the verges.

Thinking straight is not really that hard.  Except on the days when it is.

The lofty peak is ahead of you, hazy in the distance.  On that peak, you hardly think at all, swimming in the space.


  1. Your description of worry/stress/anxiety shows such an understaning. I have no doubt that you can find your way to the space of calm since you seem to have marked the route previously. 

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Barb :)  Yes, it feels like a failing sometimes that that verge is so well-worn.  But in another way I guess it's a comfort, too :)

  3. It is that sense of the verge being so well-worn that comes across to me in this piece. I'm so enjoying all your small stones - don't always comment but I always read them (and Kel's). 


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