Monday, 16 January 2012

The pigeon has an eclectic dress sense.  Around its elegantly shaped neck, a snazzy checkerboard scarf.  Its feet it copied from the seagull - pink webs that stand out like white rosella beaks the longer you look at them.


  1. So I left that comment on your old blog post and now of course it's not listed as a 'you might also like' so I scroll and scroll to see if you responded. On the upside I have a) learned I could use a scanner to get my 'art' onto my computer instead of my camera and b) uncovered all sorts of old interesting posts and arty things. So it's all good, really.

  2. Haha - well, it's here
    In a creepy aside, did you know that I can moderate people's comments - that I can actually go in and change them?  That is like criminal and creepy.  They should not have the ability to do that.  I would never, ever, ever do that to anybody's comment ever, even if it was something they said I hated.  

    Except in your case.  In your case I went in to your comment and took out the quotes you had around the word "art".  It reads much better this way.  "My art", rather than, "My 'art'", thusly demeaning your own efforts, another version of, "Oh, THIS old thing?" as you sneer contemptuously at the dress you're wearing that someone else commented on.  All because you don't happen to be Van Gogh (yet).

    So that was fun, going in and doing that to make a point, but now I feel like I've violated your comment, and I'm almost tempted to go back and put the quotes back in again so you don't feel commentarily violated, but then I'll feel like I'm lying on top of ... oh, damn it all.  I think too much.

  3. PS:  Scanners are a good idea, aren't they.  They look better than photos.  I'm on the lookout for a free one on Freecycle at the moment.  Not that I'm doing a whole lot of arty things at the moment to put on here (I've sadly dropped off art stuff in recent times so thanks for the reminder ... and thanks for posting your arty stuff on your blog as well.  It's really encouraging and motivating seeing other people's stuff :)

  4. Geez that's totally creepy :) Actually I thought twice about the quotation marks - the other day a friend told me off for downplaying my creativity, so now I've heard it twice :)


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