Thursday, 20 March 2014

If anyone is sitting around with a million bucks and you want to give it to me, I'll spend it on this.  It would be a perfect place to host my dream business idea and provide accommodation and an awesome studio space for Anth to boot. 

Feel free to leave your email address in the comments and I'll give you my bank account details.

Kay fanx.


That night, I dreamed of a man who was cooking crepes.  I don't know what they were made out of - let's say buckwheat.  On the side of the crepes he had also served up a side of some groats.  Groats are the hull of the grain after it's been milled and they have been on my mind because they're a good thing to eat if you're on a bit of an elimination diet like I am at the moment (candida and other fungalness - no sugar, dairy or wheat.  I am not doing this perfectly but then who does anything perfectly?  The cravings for sugar have largely passed).  The man also made a third component made out of buckwheat, like a sauce or something, which also added back in elements that were taken out in the hulling process.

It felt like a very positive dream - every component of the original grain was back on the plate.  The grain had become bigger than its original as it was now able to be utilised in three different ways that ended up being bigger than the sum of the parts.

I am trying to stuff it into a box from the Universe that is saying that yes, somehow we will be able to buy this property (even though I'm earning like 80 bucks a week tops at the moment).  I haven't quite been able to stuff it into that box, however.  It's like a woman with a bit of extra conditioning trying to shove herself into last season's skirt - bits of skin bulging out the side.

I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised though if it related to my idea.  That baby has legs, methinks.  Now it's just for me to edge forward step by step into the dark and see what can come of it.  It's fun trying, at the very least.


  1. That's a beautiful space. Am I right in thinking it has living quarters, too? I'm excited for this dream for you...I think your vision is gorgeous and I hope the universe is able to pull some strings and make this, or something better, happen for you.

    1. Yes, it has a two-bedroom unit attached to it, which is straight out of 1978. One of the pics shows the kitchen/dining area.

      Thanks for your excitement. Your excitement helps bolster me. I'm having days where I think, "What on earth am I doing, dreaming this dream? I can barely look after myself." And yet even if it never comes to anything, I'm learning a whole lot on the way about my limitations, about what I really want, about how I wish to get about in the world, about how it's not either/or - that I can mold this dream to suit me and my needs.

      Thank you my friend

    2. You pull this off and I'll come visit for your grand opening. :)

  2. This blog is getting seriously good, Sue :-)

    1. Goodness me. I was feeling the other week that it was as dead as a dead dingo's donger. Lovely romantic Australian colloquialism there :) But then I was feeling very awful myself, and we do project everything we are feeling and thinking on the inside out onto everything on the outside ... if there is such a thing as inside and outside.

      Thank you, Mike :)

    2. Would this not mean an eventual shortage of dingoes, Sue? ;-)

  3. I know that place! We pass it very often. It's an awesome building, and a great space for your dream.
    Now, every time I pass it, I'll send out thoughts to the Universe to make it yours :)

    I live by this quote by Thoreau, "go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined".

    It's a wonderful dream, Sue, and I wish that it comes true.
    Besides, I'm looking forward to the mulled wine nights :)

    1. It's so perfect. Everything fits ... well, you know, not perfectly, but it doesn't need to be perfect. This WOULD be perfect! So much space out the front there for parking etc. Yes, I can envisage storytelling nights around that lovely stone fireplace!! With you there! :)

      Thank you very much for your support and universe-sending, hehe. It feels very nice knowing that you will be physically driving past and doing that.

      Lovely Thoreau quote. STILL haven't read Walden yet.


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