Orange, the Dutch, Toilets and Possums

Saturday, 22 March 2014

If it was on today, I would be ready to go here without needing to get changed.


Most likely a hideously garish combination of a darker orange top on top of a lighter orange skirt, my outfit is finished off with a pair of cruddy old beige ugg boots.  I just simply cannot get enough of orange today.

Today is the first break I've had for four weeks from taking antifungals.  The latest effort to bugger off the candida.  I don't think I've quite finished with it yet but I am happy for the break because it's been making me grossly irritable, anxious and life-tired. Thank goodness for molybdenum, that's all I can say.

For some reason, feeling little lighter in my being translates into the necessity for much orangeness ... putting me in solidarity with the Dutch.

Orange is a maligned colour.  I love orange.  Today, I am the ambassador for orange.

And now I feel like some poffertjes.  Which I've never had but see the sign for them regularly at the Ferntree Gully Market.  Only I can't have them, because they're wheat, and my body has told me incessantly and regularly that it really does better without wheat, thanks very much, at least in the meantime.


I cleaned up the toilet rolls that were piled up next to the toilet the other day.  Yes, I'm a slob.  But it's also very true that when my energy goes downhill I put off the things that are absolutely necessary to do.  Apparently taking the toilet roll out and putting it in the recycle bin in the kitchen is one of those things.

Sixteen rolls.  I'm impressed despite myself.


Continuing on with the toilet theme, the possum broke on through to the other side.

It is still occasionally sleeping in the hole in the wall which the cockies so kindly created.

But it's obviously not the most ideal of circumstances.  Too squishy and noisy.  As evidenced by the fact that it has busted its foot through the ensuite wall.

Days go by with nothing poking through, and then you get up in the morning to go to the loo and there it is.

A little bit of nature, brought right into the dunny.

Happy Friday and Saturday, y'alls.


  1. I love the orange on you, but I thought you hated Uggs...hehe.
    Don't worry about the TP rolls, because we do that here, too. I'm not sure we've ever had 16, but 4-5 at least. And none of us have any excuse.
    The possum is hilarious, only because it's not in my house. :)

    1. I LOVE Uggs to wear round the house. The weather is cooling and so from here on out till late spring you'll probably find me wearing them every single day - even up to the shops when I'm feeling unbelievably lazy. But wearing them as a fashion accessory is really just beyond my pale.

      I'm so glad to hear you all do that too. I feel a bit better now. I wonder if you had two girls instead of two boys - you might have 16 as well!

      Anthony thinks it's a girl thing, leaving the toilet rolls beside the toilet.

      It is kinda cool having a possum poking through the wall, possibly because I don't have to fix the wall :P

      Happy Friday missus. Hope you have a nice weekend. How are your studies going?

    2. Ah yes, it's that love/hate with the Uggs. Me too. They really do serve a purpose, but the girls here wear them with shorts...I don't know where that came from.

      School is good. I'm on spring break now for a week, then 11 more weeks until summer vacation. Everything is going quite well. I really do love sociology...wish it was something I could earn an income on. :) But social work is close...

      Men don't comprehend TP use. They need it so rarely. :)

    3. Yay, glad to hear things are going well. Sociology is sooooo fascinating. I wonder if anyone has studied what percentage of men use toilet paper after urination. There must be some of them somewhere, 'cause it's a bit gross really, when you think about the dribble potential ...


  2. Orange colour relates to the second/sacral chakra - lower abdomen, and its organs - uterus, large bowel, ovaries in females.
    Perhaps why you're needing this colour for healing, if your candida is, um, "down there" :)
    Associated with creativity, manifestation, honoring relationships, learning to "let go".

    Carrying or wearing a piece of carnelian or orange jasper will enhance that orange love too :)

    I'm the one in our house that chucks the toilet rolls as they finish - hate the bloody things hangin' around, as the boys like to do.
    Yet, I don't have a problem with dog hair spinifex rolling across the floors and gathering in the corners, lol.

    I'd love to have a wee possum so close - a wee paw to pat in the mornings, aww.
    We used to have a family of them living in the ceiling of our old country cottage.

    1. When you say "down there," do you mean in my vagina? My muff? My pussy? My gash? My hole? My cunt? Is that what you mean by that reference?

      :) Sorry. Today's age = 14.

      Actually it's funny but I haven't had any thrust down there for quite some time now. It's made me question whether I have candida at all, but I think I do. And if it's not candida, it's a plethora of other fungus. Honestly, if I could attract money as easily as I attract fungus I'd be onto my third novel by now.

      Haha re toilet rolls and dog hair spinifex. Well, the dog hair spinifex has a certain kind of charm about it, doesn't it? And it's your beautiful boy. Whereas the toilet rolls are very impersonal and don't really have all that much charm about them. Makes me think I might challenge myself to a toilet roll art construction project. The aim is to humanise the toilet roll, to bring out its latent charms hidden under grew cardboard material. You can play too if you want!

      But then you might want to be careful - you might start getting fond of them and you'll suddenly have piles of them besides the toilet, like me :)

    2. PS: Hope I didn't cause offense with the vaginal references :)


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