More Talk About Poo and Unsexy Body Organs - You've Been Warned ;)

Thursday 20 September 2007

I went and visited Guru Health Food Shop Ed today. He is a good guy, Ed - he'd want to be, the amount I spend at his establishment - let's just say today totalled over 200 bucks. But I have a tab there, which is very handy. So I just bunged it all on that. I have a bit of money coming my way in the next month or two, so I shall be able to get myself back to square one there again. Here's hoping for increased health so I can increase my working hours so I can maintain this most expensive of habits ;)

I have just begun a candida cleanse and a colon cleanse. The whole colon cleanse thing interests me greatly and I am looking forward with great interest to seeing how it affects me. Actually, I'm a bit scared about what I'm going to experience. According to some, when the colon gets ... umm, backed up and blocked - a common thing due to our standard Western diet - so do associated emotions and memories get blocked up and stored in our bodies. Cleansing the colon , so they say, helps clear out not only the gross stuff but there is also an emotional purging that goes along with it too. Many people report this happening when they do a colon cleanse. This link explains it a little bit more.

Granted, it sounds a bit far-fetched to me - in fact, it sounds a tad hey ho diddlyo wacko - but then so does the idea that we have the same receptors in our gut as we do in our brain, and that is a scientific fact. There are so many things that are quite crazy about the way our bodies work - I don't want to disregard something just because it sounds silly or ridiculous.

Ed told me today about a woman who regularly comes into his shop. She is an artistic, expressive, outgoing woman in her 70s. She came into the shop with her husband while she was in the middle of the cleanse, and Ed said she was behaving differently than normal, real childlike behaviour - hiding behind the shelving and peeking out at him and not wanting to come out - and then she ran out of the shop.

Her husband informed Ed that when she was young, her father would lock her in the boiler room where she would be subjected to rats running around etc - charming. These memories had resurfaced during her cleanse, and now she was acting them out.

So yeah - great. I await with bated breath the acting out of all my repressed stuff. Should be a real hoot. I'll make sure I post some pictures of myself dribbling in the corner, picking my nose and screaming. But this I do know - whatever happens, my intuition is telling me that this is definitely the way for me to go.

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