Christmas-The Power Of Love-Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Saturday 1 December 2007

I love this Frankie Goes to Hollywood song so much and the accompanying vid. I love the stylised nature of it, how it feels like a play on the screen. The wise men spin me out*. This video makes me cry. Jesus isn't my boyfriend, but I love the fact that he loves me (although I think neither of us are "in love with" each other). I wish he would hurry up and unharden parts of my heart, but I guess he knows the timeline better than me.

This is the part of Christmas I like. Spinning out and round and round about the fact that God became a BABY! My goodness gracious me. And I like the lights. And the getting together with people. And the anticipation on Christmas Eve. And the fact that it's summer. But I will be glad when it's over nonetheless.

Anyway, Jesus was born in September or April or something.

* And I don't really think the magi saw this star shining so brightly in the sky it dazzled everything. I think they chartered the stars - in a more astronomical way than an astrological one - and could "read the sky". I am going to write about the magi because the whole story is a fascinating one, beginning as it did with Daniel 400 years earlier going to a land and talking about things he could "see", which led to these men 400 years later knowing there was something amazing about this baby, and that the star was a portent. The universalist in me loves how the magi are signifiers of this baby being a gift to the entire world.

I am also interested in the whole "the gospel in the stars" concept. Did you know that there is a whole stack of evidence that the system of astrology that we get these days is in fact what it looks like once it's gone through the wringer of Babylon, and that it's possible that all of this originated with the Hebrews and the Mazzaroth? That the stars are in the sky in constellations that have been named, and the story follows the history of the world? I might blog about that one day too, because that spins me out as well.

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