For I Do the Very Thing I Don't Want To Do ...

Saturday 17 November 2007

*Sigh* I think it's almost time I went on some sort of blogging fast. I can't seem to keep my internet addiction under control.

Last night I came home from work. First thing Friday night. Hundreds of different things to do (and some centering prayer I really NEEDED to do). Edifying things. Enjoyable things. Things that I am craving to do. Did I do any of those hundreds of things? Nope. Sat my bum down online for three hours.

And it's not even like I enjoy it when I'm online for that long. It just feels kinda ... obsessional. I hate that.

Why is it that I can be at home with tons of things to do (like housework, or writing, or reading), and once I start doing those things I get some sort of enjoyment out of them - even if it's just 'cause I'm moving my body instead of sitting in a damn seat - but then I'll think, "Oh, I'll just get online for a few minutes", even though I was just online 10 minutes ago and I'm sure nothing earth-shattering has happened that can't wait for an hour or two. So I'll sit down for "a few minutes" - read half an hour - and I'm bored.

IT'S SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!

Broadband really only has one downfall, as far as I can see it - and this is it :( Maybe I need to pretend I'm on dial-up. Set some sort of structure - an hour offline, an hour online or something. I find this so incredibly frustrating.

On the upside, it's Saturday and I don't work again till Tuesday. Mmmmmm. Yummy. I woke up this morning, stared bleary at the pillow and thought, "What day is it?" I was thinking it was a work day and the joy the joy the joy when I knew it was Saturday. Problem was it was 6.40. So what did I do? Turn over and go back to sleep? Nah. Got up and got online, of course!!

I'm going back to bed now.

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