Give Auntie Susie a Kiss

Tuesday 13 November 2007

When I was leaving my Mum's place tonight, after visiting my cousin and her two kids, both kids gave "Auntie Sue" a kiss goodbye (non-sloppy - always a bonus).

It got me thinking about how people get friends to kiss or hug their children goodbye when the friend is leaving or the kids are going to bed. Sometimes it makes me feel really uncomfortable if I don't know the child very well. I know it's all lovely and mushy for the parent to see their friends kiss and hug their children goodnight, but to me you should really only be getting your kids to do that with people they know pretty well, or else it's all a bit ... well, I don't know. It just makes me feel funny.

Is this just me? It makes me feel uncomfortable when I know that the child feels uncomfortable about it. Isn't that kind of breaking down some kind of a boundary in the child, forcing them to kiss and hug someone they don't know very well if they don't feel comfortable about it?

Mitchell and Chelsea enjoyed giving me a kiss. It was really very sweet :)

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