Lester Lecter

Monday 26 November 2007

I don't know how you parents cope taking your kids to be immunised. I can barely cope taking my dog to the vet, and he doesn't even feel his injections. It's just that he shakes so much it makes me sad, and it's the indignity of the Hannibal Lecter mask that really is just the final straw. But when mild-mannered Lester gets to the vet, the fear takes over. And he just acts out of his fear and is willing to bite the hand that inspects him. It's just beyond his control, really. I guess we can all relate to that in some way or shape :)

My way of coping with the stress of the vet was to take a photo of Lester. Which is just the final straw of indignity for him (hates photos - that flash thing is yerk). What a bad, selfish parent I am.

But it's over, for another year, so it's some beef liver treats for him, and a cup of tea for me, to celebrate :)

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