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Friday 23 November 2007

Warning: church rant ahead :)

This global blogland is bizarre for so maaaaaaaaaany reasons. My post on tithing has been linked to in a Wall Street Journal Online article. How bizarre. How bizarre.

I loved this quote:

Steve Sorensen, director of pastoral ministries at Cornerstone, says the church requires its paid and volunteer leaders to tithe, and teaches new members to do so, although it doesn't make them show proof of income. "When you tithe, God makes promises to us, that he ... is not going to let anything bad or destructive come about," says Mr. Sorensen. For those who don't tithe, he says the Lord "is not obligated to do those things for you."
Yep. His hands are tied, folks. Bad luck. So if anything bad happens to you and you haven't contributed your tithe, then it's YOUR FAULT. If your child dies in a car accident? YOUR FAULT. Shame about that. You should have given more and this wouldn't have happened. God? What about God? Don't we think he is all-powerful and almighty and yet on the other hand sometimes bad things just happen? Of course we do.

Yes, of course you do.


  1. Actually, my car broke down last week. I went to my Dad's house and had to cash in some of my savings bonds that I keep in his safe. I told him that I had been having problems with my car a lot since I got it and he said, "yeah, didn't you get that car right after you stopped paying tithe?"

    I just wanted to look at him and say, yeah and I was paying tithe when the last car I had broke down and died and I had to buy this one and thats the reason I cant afford to pay tithe anyway.

  2. Hi Keith - that comment must have irritated you :) The whole logic of the "tithe or life will be crap for you" is so fear-based.


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