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Monday 19 November 2007

What song's going through your head right now? No cheating.

Mine, for some strange reason, is that horrible song Substitute by Cheetah ... although now I think about it I think they were an Australian band, so that won't mean much to most of you. Before that I had Sweet Sweet Baby by Lone Justice - remember that? loved that song - cos I saw it on Andrea's YouTube favourites page. Good stuff. That Maria McKee had a sweet sweet voice.

If I didn't have my internal radio station - even when it plays Goonies 'R Good Enough over and over again - I would have my stupid mind going blah blah blah chatter chatter chatter blerty blerty blerty. I think I need to go to bed :) (And do some more centering prayer tomorrow. It's the only way to stop the bad monkey mind talkin'

My friend Jane is coming over tomorrow to utilise my air conditioner on the first total stinker for the year. Which is really good, because it means that I can't get online. And that's a good thing :) (Hooray for outside determinants).

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