Saturday 22 December 2007

Don't you love expectancy? Such a delightful feeling; tinges the edges even of boredom with a bit of gilt. Breeds itself effortlessly.

I have come across so many expectant Jesusey bloggers this Advent. I am feeling emptily expectant. Expectancy - the buzzword for the Body.

An Expectant Body. Good timing, huh :)

I love what Geoff Bullock said:

The Incarnation, God becoming man, defines God in such a way that it challenges every thought and every concept concerning deity. The Royal Family travels with kid leather toilet seat covers! World Leaders travel in their own planes, with their own chefs. Rock Stars refuse to play unless they are provided with a multitude of “ego-enhancing” paraphernalia. Super Models stay in bed unless absurd fees are paid.

God spent nine months inside a Jewish Teenage girl!

And boy, didn't it cost her.

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