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Thursday 27 December 2007

I heard Counting Crows' Recovering the Satellites yesterday. I had originally taped it off my brother when he had it on vinyl. I knew the album pretty well, but then meant to get it on CD and never got around to it and then just forgot all about it. So yesterday I had that really cool experience of rediscovering an album I hadn't heard for ages. I love that feeling. It's like the time that has transpired between now and your last listen evaporates and you get to be 25 again for a while :) (It felt good. Real damn bloody good).

It's weird how our minds store stuff. I've got a really crappy memory. I had completely forgotten about Angels of the Silences and so listening to it the first time was a bit of a spin out. I had totally loved this song, completely forgotten about it, and here I was listening to it again and doing that trippy thing of remembering the lyrics as they came out of the speaker. Weird feeling.

But then even weirder was the second time through. It's like I'd finally found the Music - Lyrics - Counting Crows - Angels of the Silences file in my head and suddenly I knew all of the lyrics!

It was so cool, I listened to it about 10 times, all the way from Mum's. I wish that happened more often, recovering lost relics. It's a real buzz.

In other musical news, I'm going to see The Police with Andi in 3 weeks! Yay and yay and yay and yay and yay. We are FREE ROWS FROM THE FRONT. Rock on, Cousin in Fan Club !!

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