6 Quirks About Me

Friday, 11 January 2008

Erin tagged me with this cool meme. But the buck stops here. I am allergic to tagging others with memes. So therefore I don't need to post the rules.

  • I felt a giddy sense of abandon about breaking the rules for this meme. Is that childish? I have always had a distate for rules that just seem to be there for no reason (not that the rules for this meme are there for no reason, but I choose to not follow them). I enjoy sticking it up rules that are just stupidly there to help people stop thinking and follow blindly. I think lots of people want to be told what to do instead of feeling/thinking/hurtling/discovering their way through life
  • I'm not good for much before about 11am (unless it's reading, blogging, eating, writing or meditation. Please don't talk to me before about 11am; I'm not here). The job I'm doing now starts at 12pm and that suits me just fine. This used to make me feel like I was a freak. Now I think it's just my body clock.
  • Once when I was a kid I went through this phase of drinking orange juice and milk mixed together. It sure tasted nice at the time (but the milk would curdle into the orange juice and just the thought of it now makes me rather ill). Who the hell knows what that was about? Around about the same time I also did a green poo. Perhaps the two are related
  • I'm pretty casual about a lot of things, but have a touch of anal retentiveness with certain things (like Heather with her towels needing to be facing the same way). I can't tolerate a crookedly hanging picture
  • I have this funny bit of toenail sticking out of my little toe. It's like this little spike of nail that has decided to grow up out of the side of my toe. It doesn't grow very much, but every now and then I have to cut it off. It's hard to cut it with scissors so I bite it off with my teeth (which was much easier accomplished when I used to do yoga but I can still get there)
  • Sometimes when I'm looking at something, I will trace the outline of it's shape with my finger while I'm looking at it. Sometimes I do it with my toes.
  • I can't remember what your bloody name is, but I can recite my 12 digit bank account number. I remember car number plates pretty easily too. But I can't remember much else. I think remembering things is overrated. But then maybe I'm just thinking that because my memory is so shit
  • I would rather live in a bartering society. I like the idea of having to first make you a stir fry before I can fill up my doona with extra feathers from your goose. Or whatever.
  • I know, it says 6 quirks, but I'm on a roll now
  • I did pretty badly in high school, then went home and read copiously books from the public library. Even then I had problems with the institutionalisation of things, henceforth making them rulebound and people confined to boxes where they could do their worst work
  • My ex and I are planning on having a Divorce Party. We are going to have a Worst Man. Mocca is going to take my rings off and then at the end I'm going to leave in a car and drive away. The last bit is maybe a bit too sad and bittersweet. But the rest of it we were laughing our heads off and I really think maybe we will do it. Maybe it can be a fancy dress party, seeing he loves dressing up so much now ;)
  • The newly-started-up mag where I am hoping to have my short story published added me as their Facebook friend. I responded by writing on their wall to "publish my bloody story, would you?" :)

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