Friday, 18 January 2008

Isn't it funny how the blogosphere is as big as the entire world ...

... and yet sometimes feels so goddamned claustrophobic?

I need a break from this place. Get me some breathing space.


Sunday edit: I deleted this post. But then I put it back up here. Because it was how I was feeling. And it's how I still do feel (except for the fact that my break from "this place" only lasted 9 hours :) I felt uncomfortable about a certain person reading here - but hey, the blogosphere is a public place after all, right? I guess if I feel too claustrophobic, that's what my journal's for, right? And hopefully I don't feel the need to write about him again, and perhaps after a while he will tire of reading here of his own accord.

I put this post back up because I realised I was trying to sanitise myself, and I'm not interested in doing that anymore. The good thing about getting older and gaining in self-love is that you become much less concerned about what people think about you. I really feel much more inclined these days to think that if someone doesn't accept all the parts of me, even the parts of me that suck, then unfortunately that's all that's on offer. It's very empowering.

Time to go away and sing old Helen Reddy numbers ;)

Life is messy, isn't it, bloggers?

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