Some Good Things

Wednesday 16 January 2008

Something good I heard today:
'We Are Made of Stars' by Moby, playing in the supermarket before :) When I heard it, my heart jolted.

Something good I felt today:
My dog's fur

Something good I smelled today:
The best natural air freshener I have ever smelled - a cinnamon stick and a bunch of whole cloves, boiling on the stove - just for the smell of it.

Something good I considered today:
There is a way to rejoice in your sufferings ... and God is gonna teach me.

Something good I remembered today:
Out of faith, love and hope, the best of these is love.

Something good I did today:
Allowed myself to rest in the moment instead of thinking the worst thought ever: 'What am I gonna do today? What am I gonna do today?' like some kind of satanic mantra until I end up doing nothing 'cause my brain has spontaneously combusted..

Something else good I saw today:
Johnny Depp on my TV screen :) Even as a camped up crazy pirate, the whole world is still in love with him.

Something else good I heard today:
The kids down the road (my newest friend is 9 years old :) getting excited when we planned a visit to the beach this Saturday.

Something else good I heard today:
The silence when the kids down the road went home ;)

Something else good I heard today:
My friend Jane on the phone.

Something good I ate today:
The chicken and sweet corn soup that I cooked.

Something else good I thought today:

Today has its own shape. Maybe that shape is a boring one. Maybe that's all it needs to be, even though that is boring. Be in it anyway right now and enjoy it for what it is.

Something good I did with my body and my mind and my spirit today:
Some centreing prayer :) I looked at God, and s/he looked at me. Hence the ability to think abovementioned contemplative things.

Something else good I thought today:
Sitting and looking at God is a better thing for me to do than doing something good off my own steam. Sitting and looking at God reverberates out like the biggest ripples in the biggest pond.

Something else good I felt today:
I am healing and growing stronger.

Something good I bought today:
Some textas to colour-in my abstract shapes colouring-in book Andi got me for my birthday :) (It's good for the soul).

Something else good I thought today:
Sat down and thought about how even the dullest of days, which contained enlarged glands, a body fighting off the flu, a touch of anxiety, and a touch of boredom, have good stuff in them.

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