Things I Did Be Thinking/Seeing/Learning Today

Monday 21 January 2008

  • Acceptance is a hard-gained wisdom but brings much peace. We all bring to the table as much as we can (and that includes me).
  • Wisdom comes from strange places. I had a far-ranging philosophical/mystical/theological conversation with Health Food Shop Ed today. We come from opposite sides of the spectrum, and it is amazing how often we meet in the middle. Good advice comes from many different quarters.
  • Being more hardline in my desire for others to accept me in my totality is making me softer around the edges - paradox.
  • I would like to stop being in love with you and just be friends with you, but I can do neither, and it's really good to be able to say that and just accept it. I would also like to understand you but I don't do that either. I know that not being able to be just friends with you is coming from some pride ego rejection part of me but it is still operational. And I don't really want you to stop reading my blog ... cos it's not like I'm gonna stop reading yours or anything.
  • I am a bit scared about what I am going to draw when I stop procrastinating and sit down and do it - what monstrous beasties lurk within the pencil?
  • Having a conversation with a man you come upon who has just finished urinating against a wall can end with you both smiling.
  • Walking your dog after several days' enforced layoff is the best kind of relaxation - especially when the sun is going down and the magpies are warbling.
  • For 4 bucks a pop, the show at the Planetarium is fantastic. And now I know where the Southern Cross is in the sky, where Mars is, and how to find due south.
  • When you approach the beginning to a black hole, time slows right down. Meanwhile, everything else behind you speeds up. Or something like that.
  • I make really cool collages and don't understand the meaning of them until right in the middle of doing them.
  • I love my dog.
  • I would love to go through the rest of my life with the attitude displayed here:
  • Q: Do you know how old I'll be by the time I learn to play the piano?
    A: The same age you will be if you don't :)

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