Why I Don't Watch The News Anymore on Commercial Television

Wednesday 23 January 2008

Why is it that whenever someone kills themselves (if indeed that is what has happened to Heath Ledger - no one knows at this stage), the media says in hushed tones, "Why did he do it? He had so much to live for" (just like the Channel 7 news reported).

The assumption is that if you have fame and success, your life will magically fix itself. As if ego filling and being ultra good at something and being cashed up takes away the demons every soul carries within. Which just shows what an idol fame and success are in our oh so childish culture. And why being depressed and lonely when you're famous would be an even lonelier experience than being depressed and lonely and living incognito. The only thing I can think of worse than feeling suicidal (if he was) is feeling suicidal at the top of the cultural mountain knowing that what so many are frantically working towards is as nutritionally valuable as a pile of fairy floss. And you can't get away from it, except that now you're hounded by moronic paparazzi, having to do inane interviews, and being punished for hating that stuff and all the other crap that goes along with Hollywood stardom. I don't blame his despising of the whole game - I can't think of a bigger hell, myself, than stardom.

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