A Musical Ode to my Epson Stylus 740

Sunday, 3 February 2008

I am printing a whole lot of stuff from off the net - recipe stuff and articles about Rene Girard and mimetic theory, after being over at Kent's place today. I have this rather childlike delight in printing articles off the net. It makes me happy. I love the way the net levels the playing field - at least in the West. How wonderful for Joe/Jo to have a voice if they so choose. I also feel honoured to live in a time where I have my very own printing press right here in my studio/office/whatever I call this room. What a different time we live in to 20 years ago, let alone 400 years ago.

I haven't done this for ages. I went crazy printing stuff at one stage. When I was sick, it was like going to the library but not having to leave the house. Sure, there's the problem of using up all that paper, but I recycle it all anyway so it gets used twice. I had so much stuff printed out that I had to file it to keep it organised. Stuff by Chuck Missler, and The Last Trumpet Ministries. Fearmongering about the Great Tribulation, giant wads of prophetic stuff. My reference files are gargantuan. And, after going through a few of them last night, over half of it is moving from my filing cabinet to my recycle pile. My theology has moved on from my filing. So much stuff in there that just has no bearing on me anymore. I'm sure some of it is good, but a great deal of it is terribly doomsdayish, and I just can't go there anymore in that spirit. I'm much more interested in God these days, rather than what thunderbolts he is going to cast at the earth.

And so it's been so long since I have done this. It feels good. It feels productive to me, printing stuff off the net, because it all feels like research. I don't know what for, but it feels good. And so, while my printer is printing, doing that printer song, I have been dancing around the room. Dancing to the printer :)

Well - it's got a beat, after all. Surely there's music to be found everywhere, even in my printer. Especially if it's found in the spheres (but just don't tell Barefoot Barbara that. You'll get her rankled :)

PS: Only jokin' Barb. I think we've found some quantum mechanically middle ground that suits both of us just fine :)

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