The land of dreams

Thursday 20 March 2008

This is the kind of thing I dream of having in my backyard to work in one day in the future, when I'm living in the Dandenongs. It's not exactly like this. But something like this. Made of cedar, of course. Have you ever smelled cut cedar? Its scent is so strong and raunchy it would either distract me totally from working or it would cause me to write 400 novels in a year.

Which would be good, because these things are 10 grand a pop, so I would be hoping to have already written a couple of best sellers to fund the damn thing.

Which seems completely, utterly, totally impossible - but this is my dream, right? And physically I'm feeling rather as flat as a French crepe this morning, fighting off another cold, so I may as well be dreaming big dreams (going on the idea that your immune system doesn't know the difference between real thoughts or remembrance of past experiences or daydreaming about the future, but the endorphins get released just the same).

While I'm here, I guess I'll have one of these installed as well. This is a dog kennel that Jennifer talks about on her blog. Which would just end up sitting there because my dog would never, ever deign to sleep outside :)

Seriously, some people have too much money if they're building stuff like this. (The kennel, I mean, not octagonal shaped enclosed gazebos, although they seem pretty frivolous too).

If I had 10 grand fall into my lap right now, I would go down the travel agent quick smart, book me a return ticket to France and Italy, before I could change my mind and plough it into less "frivolous" pursuits :)


  1. OK, now this is just weird. How is it that you post your dreams just tonight? You're taking up my wavelength!
    I didn't include any pictures but I posted my dream life, in part, tonight as well and come here... and you're doing the same thing! I think you must have posted yours first though because of the time difference right?

    A few times I've NOT posted something I was thinking of posting because I came over here and you'd already done it...too weird I say! :D

    Anyway, now that that's out of my system...I could spend some time in that gazebo. I could sing with my feet in there.;)

    I was watching YouTube videos of cob building and there was a little cottage (Meka's Cob Cottage) that made me think of you. It was very unique and cozy with lots of nooks and fun areas.

    See ya later, I'll be off for a few days while I catch up with real life!

  2. oooh a gazebo! on the edge of a brook, or lake would be nice! :)
    being an Anglophile I always wanted a Wendy house..set in the middle of the English countryside, but the Dandenongs will do! (Your backyard )

    Looks like both of us are French crepes today..*sigh*

  3. you can do the france thing for less than 10 grand, I promise!!!

    otherwise there's no way I'd be on my way


  4. Jennifer - Sorry, dude! I hope my stealing the wavelength didn't make you crash your car or nothin' :) I have watched the first little bit of the vlog you linked to - looks fascinating.

    Sorry about stealing your brains, dude. I'll try to stop doing it :)

    I would love you to come visit my gazebo and sing with your feet in there. Anywhere, really, just as long as I could see you sing with your feet. Have you thought of taking to the road and going on tour with your feet? You could join the circus!

    Oooh, I'm gonna go check out the cob cottage you mentioned. Cob cottage. I get visuals of houses made out of eaten corn cobs. I'm s ure it's more attractive than that :)

    Andi - I thought you would like my gazebo. HEy, why don't you guys buy the house next door in my dream land? It's for sale at a bargain price. You'll love it. It's shaped like a dexohedran or some other shape I've just invented off the top of my head :)

    Kel - Bon voyage, dude!! "see" you when you get back - look forward to reading about it

  5. keep dreaming!

    there are some people who live in a dream world,
    and there are some who face reality;
    and then there are those who turn one into the other.
    --douglas everett

  6. Sue,
    I didn't can have my wavelength...I guess if we're sharing it, it isn't mine anyway eh?!

    Just had to stop in and see what you were up to, but I am NOT COMMENTING for a few days (bold for note to self).

    I'm stealing that quote for my new pondering...thanks for sharing it here. And welcome back from your trip you probably didn't want to come home from.:)

  7. Lucy - damn fine quote there

    Jennifer - if you come and comment here in the next few days I promise I will steal all the wavelength reading War and Peace in a weekend. So don't, okay?

    Sorry, that was the shame and manipulation version of events :)


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