Medicalised mysticism

Wednesday 26 March 2008

Perhaps why I identify with Francis of Assisi so ;) Hehe (HT to The Website of Unknowing):

Straightjacket Needed in Assisi

I think sanity and insanity are fluid constructs, and maybe we all flow regularly in and out of each state. All of us.

But maybe God's holy fools need these days to be prepared to go to a psychiatric institution rather than to prison :)


  1. one of the great comments i remember from psychopathology class was that "the main difference between a schizophrenic and a 'sane' person is that the schizophrenic is actually speaking aloud the voices he hears in his head" :-) ...the rest of us just keep it inside.

  2. I read this today myself...brilliant. Or crazy. I can't tell.

  3. After feeling rather insane most of today, this was actually very encouraging!

  4. That drew a comment from Sam Harris...funny, and he's right! I agree with you completely about the fluidity of sanity/insanity.
    That's why I will just keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith :)

  5. Lucy - I was watching this schizophrenic guy on the train the other week talking to himself and thought, "Well, it's not like he's saying anything totally off the wall" - apart from except he was rving on about how Hitler never existed but you know ... actually the longer I go on telling this comment, the more scared I'm getting hehe :)

    Chris - I can't tell either. I was hoping you could tell me :)

    Tina - yes, insanity loves company. Come again :)

    Jennifer - that sounds nice and grounded to me. Who is Sam Harris?


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