Whoah! I feel good

Friday 7 March 2008

Knew that I would.

Every time I rise above whatever low level health thing I'm dealing with, I realise how, even though it's a low-level health thing, it still has an effect on my enthusiasm levels. This week was the first time since I have been released from CFS Land that I have worked three days in a row and it's been easy. That's three days, plus walking my dog two days, plus going to uni today, plus some housework I'm gonna do tonight. Considering my brain is still defined by CFS land in a lot of ways, that feels like a right shitload of energetic living bits and pieces for me. And I feel good. I feel enthusiastic. Right now, my enthusiasm levels are so damn high, I'm actually looking forward to cleaning the bathroom.

Serious. And cleaning the windows.

It's pretty good that I feel like that, because my landlord has just informed me that he needs to get his mortgage refinanced, and it's all a bit of a knife edge, and he needs to get the best possible valuation price, and it all hangs on having the place looking as shipshape as it can possibly be. Which is where my weekend comes in. My nice long weekend. I really hope that sometime in the next few months there isn't another long weekend spent moving house. I really really roolly roolly hope that. 'Cause I'm pretty comfortable here, like. Even though it's a poor area and there are factories around, and one day last week it smelt like one factory was producing a giant nappy wipe with a giant poo on it. And another factory produces this disgusting sickening sweet odour that makes me wanna puke. I like living here. I like my playroom. I like it. Me. Stay here. Pliz.

Clean isn't really me. I think I'm still in teenage rebellion to my clean and tidy parents. On the other hand, I like the satisfaction of walking around a clean house and admiring my reflection in the taps (I love how your face goes all long when you look in them). I don't like working for cleanness, and it feels like it all gets a bit too dirty too quickly for my liking (I'm of the opinion that vacuuming should only happen every six weeks or so) but I do enjoy a clean house. Which is handy, because that's exactly the kind of place I'm gonna have by the end of this long weekend and several many hours of cleaning.

Which kinda sucks, a bit, I guess. But you know what? It's also kinda cool having an outside motivator to clean up.

At least, that's the spin I'm putting on it. And it's working so far ... but I haven't started yet :)


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better Sue.

  2. Hehe. It will be nice when it's done, tho.

  3. Thanks Kent

    Erin - it will be nice :) But then I'll think, "Ok, that's cleaning for the month" and it'll get skanky again. I know myself :)


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