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Friday 14 March 2008

Seen over at The Wild Things of God. I could only get up to the bit where he's standing in the maze and I had to stop:


Edit: Seems this is a hoax. Which is kinda ironic I got caught out, especially seeing I've been doing a bit of Onion reading today. But I guess so much stuff in Christendom seems like a parody at the best of times that it's probably not that bad I got caught out :)


  1. what really amazes me, is how many people still buy into this stuff. I mean, I thought that it was pretty obvious, a long time ago, that this WAS blasphemy. I thought we had gotten over this.

  2. No it's still out there but it is the more subtle forms that are more difficult to recognise. You would hope everyone could see through such blatant examples like this one.

  3. Sue, I'm going to update my post in a bit. I realized now it's a joke. See for instance this link:

    But it IS a sad commentary on the commercialization of religion that it actually WAS convincing!

  4. I think you're right, Jon, after looking at that Christmas video. Oops :) We've been had!

    And all after I've been reading Onion stuff for an hour or stuff, and I got suckered. Hehe

  5. Thanks for dropping by, Beth and John, BTW :)


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