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Sunday 6 April 2008

The thought came to me late yesterday afternoon that I would be alright going to a church building service of some description. I seriously felt like all of a sudden, if it was somewhere that God wanted me to go to, I would do it.

Which feels weird, really, because the thought of entering a church building in the past has made me feel a bit nauseous.

And it does again this morning, if I'm going to be honest about my changeableness. But still, it's a start.

It's amazing how much we change, isn't it? :)


  1. Scary how church can sometimes be the greatest impediment in our journey toward Christ. :~/

  2. It is totally scary. I haven't set foot in a "church" building for seven years now, and I can't say I have missed it at all! Just the rigidity and the falseness makes me think, "Ahh, what am I doing even considering doing this?" But then, who knows? Maybe there is a good place for me to fit in. I just want to find some intentional community in whatever way that is. But yes, you're right - church often sux :)

  3. If you feel alright going to a church service, thats concerning:)

  4. Could have just been post football game fever :) But I guess I'm just feeling more open to the idea. Then again, I watched Compass tonight and it had lots of churchy people in it and it put me off again.

    Oh, I feel ashamed talking about my fellow brothers and sisters like that, but 'tis true! 'Tis true!

  5. The words of your favourite Church "father" Augustine...

    The Church is a whore, but shes still my mother:)

  6. Augustine Schmaugustine.

    He is so overrated ;)

    He might have been the bishop of a large animal but that don't mean he saw everything right (still, shall give City of God a whirl some day. I don't have to agree with absolutely everything anyone says anymore before I'll read them :)

  7. So did you go, Sue? If so, what was it like for you? I am interested in an update.

    Today was the first Sunday in years that I didn't have responsibility in a church building. Very different for me! I couldn't wait to get home and blog about it.


  8. Hey Chad,

    I saw your post on the Lifestream forum (I hardly ever check in there these days; I don't know why, it's such a great forum. I guess blogging takes up most of my time nowadays :)

    I didn't go on Sunday. I'm just making some room in my head for the possibility in the future. But it scares me, to be honest. But I guess I'm wanting to be open just in case I *do* find myself in that situation again. But since writing this post I feel like I"m changing my mind as I go :) Hehe

    I am going to go off and read your blog post, but from what you wrote on the Lifestream post I thought what you ended up doing was really lovely, going and hanging with your frend. Good stuff :)

  9. Hi Sue,

    As you know, I still do the Sunday morning thing although we didn't go this Sunday. Maybe your trip back, if you do it, will just be a one time thing. There might be a special reason for you to go.

    I think true freedom comes when you can go if you want to or not go if you don't feel like it. We go much more than I care to go but it works out with my family. I do enjoy the time off, however, from all of the "churchy" distractions.



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