Blogging block

Thursday 3 April 2008

I have had this empty feeling all week that I really don't have very much to say. That feeling makes me feel clogged up with words and impressions and thoughts. I love this blog, and I love writing here - sitting down with a glimmer, not knowing exactly where I'm going, but to feel the words come, sometimes gushing forward once I start. And then finishing a post and crafting it, getting rid of certain elements which are good but extraneous, seeing a shape emerge - I love that. And I miss it when the feeling goes away. I look forward to its return.

Even before I got this snotty head cold I was feeling a bit empty, but now my head is cotton wool it's feeling impossible to write anything vaguely philosophical. I started writing a post earlier, spent about 20 minutes on it, and just can't get it to come together and stop being unwieldy, like a child whose hair I'm trying to make manageable but which keeps breaking out of its ties. So I give up.

I give up and I'm going to bed with a snotty fat head and I'm really glad my work week is over because listening to audio and transcribing is just that little bit harder when your head is coated in cotton wool. I'm going to bed with my dog to read fiction and nurture myself and hope that when I wake up this head block and writing block will be gone :)

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  1. I hope so too Sue. Wake up and write. Make me laugh and make me think deeply about something worth thinking deeply about.


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